Saalasti means Shift

Saalasti Group is all about sustainable technologies and using them to create shifts. We are global market leaders in our businesses.

Cross Wrap: Shift to recycling
Saalasti Finland: Shift to biomass
Steelwheel: Shift to rail

Saalasti Group: Shift through Greentech

Saalasti Group innovates, develops, manufactures, and acquires green technologies, companies and know-how. We are humbled for knowledgeable and driven experts contacting us to join our team.

You can be part of a shift by joining your forces with Saalasti whether you are an employee, a business partner, or a customer.

About us

Profitable international growth from 14 M€ to 40 M€ in 4 years

Profitable growth is our core target. All our companies have a target of growing yearly in average 15 % (inc. organic and inorganic growth).

Close to customers

150+ employees operating in Canada, Chile, Finland, Spain, Sweden, and United States.

Repeated creation of groundbreaking new technologies

Real shifts.

Our machines’ lifespan is measured in decades. Life-cycle services and maintenance are crucial parts of all our businesses.